Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I’m Gillian…..wife, Mum of five and Nannie to three beautiful grandchildren. I hope you’ll join me as often as you can to see what I’ve been up to. Last year I had to leave the job I loved due to ill health, which has forced me to find a hobby that keeps me busy, interspersed between naps of course! We moved to the Lake District nearly a couple of years ago now with a view to slowing down our pace of life and taking time to breathe deeply and relax more. I’m pleased to say this has brought us more joy than we ever anticipated. The Lake District is like therapy to the soul and we love our life here now. So my blogs will be about our daily life, covering our hobbies, what we eat, what we do and where we go. I’m sure there will be those of you who will choose to exit the building at this point and thats ok, but for those of you who enjoy hobbies, crafts, food, and all things Lake District then a warm welcome awaits you. So grab a coffee and come sit a while.

Love to you all, Gillian x

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