A week ago my heart broke. My beautiful, handsome chocolate lab of thirteen years passed away. My week has been so hard, trying not to spend my days constantly crying has been a full time job in itself. We are so lucky to still have his brother George, but we are all so worried about him. He has started calling out for him randomly. I know what you’re thinking…..how do I know he is calling out for him?

Well George has always been the quiet one, partly due to him being deaf and partly due to having Cooper to do all the talking for him. He sleeps a lot, when he wakes he looks up and around to see his brother, then he’ll give a little bark as if to say ‘you can come out now Cooper, you can stop hiding now!’ I hope we have George for many years to come but we are acutely aware that he too is thirteen years old, so our time with him is precious. I decided to share this with all of you as I know there will be many of you going through the same thing right now and I wanted to say that everything you are feeling is normal. Our fur babies are our family after all, so be kind to yourselves and cry when you need to. Take care everyone, love Gillian x

Always, always, always in my heart RIP Cooper xxx

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