Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and managed to keep cool in the heat we had.

I haven’t been posting as I was away spending time with my family but Im back and excited to show you my new piece of finished work.

I wanted to post this before I went away but the new drawer pulls hadn’t arrived so here they are now and although I say it myself, I think they look beautiful.

Details: 6 drawer chest in Dixie Belles Antebellum Blue, finished in clear Best Dang Wax and drawers coated in Orange Grove wax. It looks beautiful and smells beautiful, I hope you love it too!


Hello everyone, I hope I find you all well today. Im sitting here waiting patiently waiting for the delivery of handles so I can complete the project Ive been working on. Im hoping you’ll like it as much as I do.

The weather is beautiful here today so I’ll be going for a swim soon to our local outdoor heated pool, its such a treat! When I go to places like the pool or the lake, or even just a walk I have to remind myself of others who are not so lucky to have these beautiful surroundings. But its buzzing here with tourists right now and it is lovely seeing the smiling faces of the children, and their parents too, who are enjoying their surroundings and managing to spend family time together making memories. Everyone seems happy and grateful for what they have but you just don’t know what’s going on in peoples lives do you? Theres been a lot of talk lately on depression and how to handle it, and show support for those suffering. Theres that saying “keep smiling and carry on”, and yes it is lovely to see those smiles but to anyone who is going through this I say to you, speak to someone about it. You don’t have to put on a brave face. You are loved, you are valued, no one wants you to suffer in silence so speak to someone, anyone, but smile because you are dealing with it. I think life is so much harder now, or at least more complicated and Covid has made things so much harder. I moved to the Lakes for a slower pace of life, the less complicated your life is the easier it becomes and I can now care for my family and myself more. Its true the simple things in life can bring so much joy and are free… a simple stroll outside, breathing deeply and some ‘me time’. Start smiling because you are happy on the inside too.

Well Thankyou so much for joining me today. I would be so grateful if you would ‘Like and Subscribe’ if you want to hear more from me, whether it be our little chats, looking at my furniture flips and photographs, or sharing a recipie. I would love to hear from you too, so please feel free to comment or contact me.

Bye for now, Gillian x

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a great Saturday with friends and family. What has the weather been like where you are? Its been cooler here lately and quite overcast and cloudy. Hopefully summer will be back soon, it makes it so much more enjoyable down at the lake if the weather is warm and sunny.

Today I ordered new drawer pulls so I can finish the cabinet Ive been working on. Im still surprised how much I enjoy renovating these pieces as I have dexterity problems with my hands due to Fibromyalgia and other health issues, but my husband does any heavy lifting for me. Painting takes all my concentration and gives me a sense of fulfilment. Hopefully soon my ‘She Shed’ will be finished and I’ll be able to spend time in there painting the furniture and other crafting.

I also have an update on George my Labrador. He seems to be doing well and adjusting to life without his brother Cooper. Yesterday he went out with my daughter in the car and was so well behaved and really enjoyed the drive. He loved the breeze on his face which gave me the idea that when the warm weather returns we should point the fan at him to help him stay cool. Im really beginning to think he’s loving all this ‘one to one’ attention he’s getting, but hey….hes been through a lot ha!

Please feel free to comment or contact me. I would love to hear your thoughts on topics you think would be interesting. I promise I will do my very best to get back to each and everyone of you, but for now…

Stay safe and take care everyone,

Gillian x

View of Ullswater in Cumbria.

A week ago my heart broke. My beautiful, handsome chocolate lab of thirteen years passed away. My week has been so hard, trying not to spend my days constantly crying has been a full time job in itself. We are so lucky to still have his brother George, but we are all so worried about him. He has started calling out for him randomly. I know what you’re thinking…..how do I know he is calling out for him?

Well George has always been the quiet one, partly due to him being deaf and partly due to having Cooper to do all the talking for him. He sleeps a lot, when he wakes he looks up and around to see his brother, then he’ll give a little bark as if to say ‘you can come out now Cooper, you can stop hiding now!’ I hope we have George for many years to come but we are acutely aware that he too is thirteen years old, so our time with him is precious. I decided to share this with all of you as I know there will be many of you going through the same thing right now and I wanted to say that everything you are feeling is normal. Our fur babies are our family after all, so be kind to yourselves and cry when you need to. Take care everyone, love Gillian x

Always, always, always in my heart RIP Cooper xxx

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I’m Gillian…..wife, Mum of five and Nannie to three beautiful grandchildren. I hope you’ll join me as often as you can to see what I’ve been up to. Last year I had to leave the job I loved due to ill health, which has forced me to find a hobby that keeps me busy, interspersed between naps of course! We moved to the Lake District nearly a couple of years ago now with a view to slowing down our pace of life and taking time to breathe deeply and relax more. I’m pleased to say this has brought us more joy than we ever anticipated. The Lake District is like therapy to the soul and we love our life here now. So my blogs will be about our daily life, covering our hobbies, what we eat, what we do and where we go. I’m sure there will be those of you who will choose to exit the building at this point and thats ok, but for those of you who enjoy hobbies, crafts, food, and all things Lake District then a warm welcome awaits you. So grab a coffee and come sit a while.

Love to you all, Gillian x

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